We Are Hiring

North Georgia Eye Clinic is Hiring North Georgia Eye Clinic is an Equal Opportunity Employer; we offer competitive pay and a great benefits package. We are currently accepting applications for Ophthalmic Technicians and Front Desk staff at our Gainesville, Cumming, and Hamilton Mill locations. For employment opportunities at all locations, please email [...]

Sports Eye Safety Month

Ophthalmologists Urge Eye Protection for Recreational and Professional Sports We Carry Rec Specs & Wiley X Brands of Protective Eyewear New research shows that about 30,000 people in the U.S. visit emergency departments each year with sports-related eye injuries, a substantially [...]

Healthy Aging Month

September is Healthy Aging Month Each month, the American Academy of Ophthalmology ( focuses its national public education and eye health awareness efforts on one or more topics. September is AAO's Healthy Aging Month. Every week this month we're reminding our patients to focus on their eye health by reading their [...]

Screen Use for Kids

Screen Use For Kids There are many reasons for parents to be thoughtful about how much screen time they allow their children. Amount of screen use per day has been associated with developmental outcomes, obesity, poor sleep quality, and eye development. Research from Canada has also found that preschoolers who had more than two hours of screen [...]

Review of Dr. Payne

We recently received this review from one of Dr. Payne's patients and wanted to share! "The office of Dr. Payne's is the most professional office I have ever visited, especially during COVID 19. Everybody was spaced and cleaning the seats where people had been seated. And [...]

Review of Dr. Hayek

We recently received this review from one of Dr. Hayek's patients and wanted to share! "Dr. Hayek performed eye surgery on me in November, 2019 and I could not be happier.  The results are fantastic and the service I received from Dr. Hayek, Amanda (his assistant) and Ann in [...]

8 Facts About Cataracts

June is Cataract Awareness Month June is Cataract Awareness Month. If you are considering cataract surgery, including premium IOLs, give us a call at (770) 534-1711 to schedule a consultation with one of the cataract eye surgeons above. Want to learn more? Read 8 cataract facts below, and learn much more [...]

Urgent Eye Care Needs

Urgent Eye Care Needs: When Should I Call? The COVID19 pandemic has temporarily changed our way of life and the ways that we interact with one another.  While North Georgia Eye Clinic is adhering to our COVID-19 Health Safety Procedures,  many of our patients continue to social distance due to underlying health [...]

Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome Staring at a computer screen, smartphone, video game or other digital devices for long periods of time can cause eye strain or eye fatigue and can exacerbate underlying dry eye symptoms. Studies have shown that more than 2-3 hours of constant near work can lead to CVS or eye [...]