BlephEx Treatment for Dry Eye

Blepharitis is a chronic inflammatory condition of the eyelids caused by the overgrowth of normal bacteria that live along the base of the eyelashes. Blepharitis can cause foreign body sensation, itching, tearing, crusting, and/or redness of the eyes. Over 30% of all patients suffer from some type of blepharitis symptoms.

Traditional treatments include eyelid scrubs which can be challenging to perform and also have limited effectiveness. Thankfully we currently offer the BlephEx procedure for patients who suffer from chronic blepharitis. BlephEx is a small micro-sponge device used as an in-office treatment performed directly by your eye care provider to eliminate scrub, debris, and inflammatory build-up from your eyelid. By removing the inflammatory components the overall health of the eyelid is improved. Patients can then find relief from chronic dry eye symptoms. Please ask your doctor if you are a candidate for BlephEx.