Glaucoma Treatment

glaucoma treatment at North GA Eye ClinicGlaucoma is a degenerative eye disease caused by damage to or excessive pressure on the optic nerve. Although nearly three million Americans suffer from this disease, only half of them are aware of their condition. This year alone, 5,000 people will go blind from glaucoma. Treatable when caught early, glaucoma has no warning signs and affects peripheral vision first—meaning you could have perfect 20/20 vision but still have glaucoma. Risk factors include age over 60, having a relative with glaucoma, being of African descent AND over the age of 40, and having diabetes. Early and regular testing is crucial to protect your vision.

Depending on the stage of the glaucoma, the specialists at North Georgia Eye Clinic can provide non-surgical as well as surgical treatment options:


Medical treatment of glaucoma is an excellent option for patients who are in the early stages of the disease. Eye drops are often given to lower the intraocular pressure. Lowering the pressure in the eye may help slow damage to the optic nerve.


Laser surgery may be an option to open the eye’s drainage system, especially if the intraocular pressure is not adequately reduced by medical treatment or if medical compliance is a problem.


For patients with inadequately controlled intraocular pressures with eye drops or laser treatment, traditional surgery may be recommended. The most common type is filtering surgery, also known as a trabeculectomy. During this procedure, a small flap is created in the sclera (white of the eye), allowing for fluid drainage. To keep the flap from healing and closing, anti-scarring medicine may be administered.

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