[one_fourth last=”no”]Eric Bixler[/one_fourth]
[three_fourth last=”yes”]Eric Bixler is a state licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist. He is the department head for North Georgia Hearing LLC and helps our patients with their hearing healthcare needs. Mr. Bixler does hearing test, otoscopic exams, and dispenses hearing aids to the North Georgia Eye patients that have duel sensory needs. Eric Bixler can do routine service work on most brands of hearing aids and dispenses Siemens, Phonak, Unitrin and Audina aids. Mr. Bixler received his Bachelor of Science degree from Southern Polytechnic State University. Eric Bixler owned his own consulting business for 10 years before deciding to go through all of the testing and licensing requirements to become a Hearing Instrument Specialist.[/three_fourth]